SOLD BY ROLL RGBW Cable|#20 AWG, Indoor usage RGB + Positive + Negative Cables, UL2468, 20#2P, 500 ft(152.5m)/roll

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  • The RGBW Cable is a highquality indoor cable designed specifically for RGB lighting applications, providing optimal performance and reliability.
  • Each roll of the RGBW Cable contains 500 ft (152.5m) of cable, ensuring an ample supply for your lighting projects.
  • Made from #20 AWG wire and UL2468 certified, this cable guarantees safety and reliability for residential or commercial use.
  • The RGBW Cable consists of four wires RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Positive, and Negative cables all carefully insulated and colorcoded for easy installation and identification.
  • With its sturdy construction and excellent conductivity, the RGBW Cable ensures smooth and seamless RGB lighting operations, making it an ideal choice for any indoor lighting project.

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The RGBW Cable is a high-quality indoor cable. It comes in rolls of 500 ft (152.5m) and is made from #20 AWG wire. It is UL2468 certified for safety. This cable is specifically designed for RGB lighting applications and consists of four wires - RGB, Positive, and Negative cables. It is insulated and color-coded for easy installation. The cable guarantees optimal performance and reliability for both residential and commercial settings.
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