SOLD BY ROLL 22 AWG, Clear speaker wire, 17/0.14TS, OD: 1.6*3.2mm, with reel, 50 ft(15.5m)/roll

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  • Reliable signal transfer and enhanced clarity are guaranteed with our clear speaker wire, featuring a 22 AWG rating and 17 strands of 0.14mm thickness each.
  • The slim and manageable outer diameter of 1.6*3.2mm ensures easy installation and seamless integration into various sound system setups.
  • With 50 ft (15.5m) of wire per roll, our product provides ample length for connecting key audio components without the need for additional extensions, saving time and effort.
  • The inclusion of a reel allows for convenient storage and organized deployment, minimizing the risk of tangling or damage during installation or maintenance.
  • Suitable for both home theater systems and professional sound setups, our speaker wire guarantees optimum performance and longevity, ensuring an immersive and highquality audio experience.

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This clear speaker wire is sold in rolls and is ideal for various sound system setups. It has a 22 AWG rating for reliable signal transfer and clarity. The wire is made up of 17 strands of 0.14mm thickness each, providing excellent audio transmission. The wire has an outer diameter of 1.6*3.2mm, making it slim and easy to handle during installation. It comes on a reel for convenient storage and organized deployment, minimizing tangling and damage. Each roll contains 50 ft (15.5m) of wire, offering ample length for connecting audio components without additional extensions. Whether it's for home theater systems or professional sound setups, this speaker wire ensures optimum performance and durability.
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