16 AWG, 3 wire cable with black silicone jacket, 660 Feet(200m)/roll, price/feet, OD: 7+-0.30mm

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  • Our 16 AWG, 3 wire cable with a black silicone jacket meets UL 4330 specifications, ensuring excellent performance and safety standards for your electrical projects.
  • With a length of 660 feet (200m) per roll, our cable provides an ample supply for all your electrical wiring needs, eliminating the need for frequent reorders.
  • The unique black silicone jacket not only offers enhanced protection against abrasions and external factors but also adds an aesthetic appeal to your installations.
  • With an outer diameter of 7mm and a tolerance of +0.30mm, our cable is compatible with various connectors and conduits, allowing for seamless integration into your existing setup.
  • The colorcoded system of black, blue, and brown allows for easy identification and connection of circuits, minimizing potential confusion during installations or repairs.

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We offer a high-quality 16 AWG, 3 wire cable with a durable black silicone jacket. It meets UL 4330 specifications and has excellent performance and safety standards. Each roll is 660 feet long, providing ample supply. The cable is designed for heavy-duty applications and has a 3-core structure for efficient connectivity. Its black silicone jacket offers enhanced protection, durability, and flexibility. The cable has a standardized size for compatibility and comes in three colors for easy identification. Our pricing is competitive, making this cable a cost-effective and reliable solution for your electrical wiring needs. Trust our reputable product for peace of mind in your installations.
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