18 AWG, 2 wire cable with PVC jacket, 660 Ft(200m)/roll, Price/Feet

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  • The 18 AWG, 2 wire cable with PVC jacket is a reliable and durable electrical cable designed for both residential and commercial wiring purposes.
  • With a generous length of 660 feet per roll (equivalent to 200 meters), this cable provides ample coverage for your wiring needs, reducing the need for multiple splices or connections.
  • The PVC jacket of this cable offers excellent insulation and protection against moisture, chemicals, and abrasions, ensuring safe and longlasting operation.
  • Featuring a gauge size of 18 AWG, this cable provides a suitable thickness and currentcarrying capacity for various applications. Its twowire configuration allows for simple and efficient installation, making it suitable for DIY projects and professional use.
  • This cable is priced per foot, allowing you to purchase the exact length required for your project, minimizing waste and cost. With its affordable price per foot, it offers outstanding value for money without compromising on quality or performance.

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The 18 AWG, 2 wire cable with PVC jacket is a reliable and durable electrical cable commonly used in residential and commercial wiring. With a length of 660 feet per roll, it provides ample coverage and reduces the need for multiple connections. The PVC jacket offers excellent insulation and protection. Pricing is done per foot, ensuring you only purchase the length needed. Overall, it is a cost-effective and high-quality option for various projects.
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