18 AWG, 4 wire cable with PVC jacket, 660 Feet(200m)/roll, price/feet

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  • Our highquality 18 AWG, 4 wire cable with a durable PVC jacket is designed to meet your electrical wiring needs, providing a reliable and efficient electrical connection for various applications.
  • The flexible and versatile nature of our cable, with four individual wires, allows for easy installation and connection of multiple devices, making it a convenient choice for your projects.
  • With excellent protection against moisture, abrasion, and chemicals, our cable’s PVC jacket ensures longlasting performance and durability, even in challenging environments.
  • Manufactured to meet industry standards, our cable guarantees superior quality and reliability, making it suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including wiring projects and electronic equipment installations.
  • You can acquire our topnotch cable at a competitive price per foot, allowing you to efficiently manage your budget while investing in a seamless and dependable electrical connection solution.

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We offer a 660 foot (200 meter) roll of high-quality 18 AWG, 4 wire cable with a durable PVC jacket. This cable is versatile, easy to install, and offers excellent protection against environmental factors. It meets industry standards and is suitable for residential and commercial applications. We offer a competitive price per foot.
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