Lighting Survey

What is a lighting survey?

The goal of a lighting survey is to study the current lighting situation and identify how to reach the client’s lighting goal. In most cases, clients want to decrease their operating costs. On average, an led retrofit decreases energy costs up to 70%. Our usual retrofits pay back the within 3 years making it a high-value investment for all types of commercial properties.

Click here to schedule a lighting survey today. We survey parking lots, warehouses, condominium and HOA common areas, and all commercial properties

Step 1: Lighting Survey / Getting the ROI Calculation

Our lighting engineers will visit your project to gather data and provide you with an ROI (return-on-investment) calculation. After gathering the data, our proprietary calculator will display and compare your existing lighting with the proposed LED solution using multiple metrics:

  1. Annual Operating Costs
  2. Annual Energy Savings from Project
  3. Annual Maintenance Savings
  4. Full Payback in Years
  5. Return On Investment in %

This lighting survey can be used as a meeting note for board meetings. It is very simple to see exactly how much money switching to LED will save.

Click here to see an actual ROI Calculation that we did for a customer with two large warehouses. This company had very inefficient lighting placed in bad positions allowing us to use less powerful fixtures while creating a brighter work environment.

Annual operating cost reduced by: $293,174.78 Before: $390,610.46 After: $97,435.68
Simple payback in years: 0.52 years
ROI (return-on-investment): 192.11%
Savings based over 15 years: $4,397,622

Optional Step 2: Photometric Plan

A photometric plan allows you to plan the lighting implementation before any work is done. Our lighting engineers will recreate your job site in CAD and place lighting according to your objectives.

To read more about what a photometric plan is, click here.

Some reasons to make a photometric plan are:

  • The city requires an updated lighting plan (you are being fined)
  • New construction or new fixtures are being installed or moved (we need to apply for city permits)
  • Decision maker is trying to achieve a new lighting objective (ex: owner wants a specific illumination in his parking lot)
  • You will be using other contractors and foregoing our installation services

Step 3: Installation

Once the proposal is confirmed, our contractors will go onto the job site and retrofit the entire property within days. Our contractors do all jobs required to get your lighting up to current standards.

  • Fixture Replacement with Lift
  • Direct Burial and Pole Installation
  • New Electrical Wiring
  • Trenching
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