What is a lighting consultant?

Lighting consultants (aka lighting designers, lighting experts) identify the best fixtures to use in a project to achieve the goal of the property owner, architect, or builder. Their main job is to reduce lighting costs, advise clients on which fixtures to use, and amplify elegant living spaces using lighting.

New lighting solutions enter the market every month. Our lighting consultants continuously attend industry tradeshows, lighting design conferences, work directly with manufacturers, and are up-to-date on the most recent products in order to serve our clients with the most cost-efficient and innovative solutions.

Using knowledge of lighting design, electrical, city ordinance and codes, construction, environmental impact, and artistic values, a lighting consultant will assist you to create the ideal lighting plan while cutting costs as much as possible for your commercial or residential property. Lighting consultants receive certifications by the ALA that require multiple years in the lighting industry and require them to pass a very difficult test confirming their knowledge is up-to-date.

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What is the purpose of lighting design?

The purpose of lighting design is to use lighting to amplify beautiful residential and commercial spaces or to achieve a goal for the client. Lighting designers will use techniques that allow the lighting to become an extension of the room itself, understanding how the light translates when hitting different types of objects and surfaces will create a seamless flow between room and lighting. To read more about the importance of lighting design, read this article on IALD, the International Association of Lighting Designers.

An in-home lighting design consultation creates a lighting plan that will implement several key points:

  • Implement the client’s goal using the latest or most appropriate lighting technology.
  • Enhance architecture with correct angling, dissipation, and aiming of light.
  • Reduce cost by implementing the most efficient solution or a similar solution.
  • Explain the operation costs associated with the selected lighting fixtures.
  • Include payback period calculation if switching to LEDs from other solutions (Read more about LED Retrofits)

Lighting Consultant Cost

A professional lighting consultant cost is between $5,000 to $50,000 or up to 20% of the specified lighting fixtures.

Lighting consultants can charge the client in two ways.

  • A percentage (%) of the cost of the lighting fixtures specified. For clients that have no clear idea of the size or complexity of the project. Steps have not been taken in order to prepare the job site and the construction timeline is still up in the air.
  • A flat fee based on the complexity of the project. For clients that already have a lighting goal for the lighting consultant to achieve and steps have already been taken to prepare the space.

What does a lighting consultant do?

  1. Our team will schedule a date and time for our lighting consultant to visit your job site and understand your lighting goals.
  2. Our lighting consultant surveys your site to analyze for existing electrical locations, architectural design, and draw a site plan to use as a template.
  3. A new site lighting plan is designed according to the client’s goal.
  4. The first revision is sent over to the client for approval.
  5. The lighting plan is approved by the client.
  6. We source the required lighting fixtures.
  7. Our installers go out to install according to the plan.

Residential Lighting Consultants

Residential lighting consultant work for bathroom in Coral Gables using warm white linear lighting

For most residential in-home consultations, the homeowner or builder has their own lighting goals that they want to achieve. If there is no goal, the lighting consultant will identify the architectural style and speak with the clients to come up with a lighting plan to increase the attraction and property value of the home.

Building a new home is about passion and our residential lighting designers understand that. We work with the homeowner to develop and implement the ideal lighting plan and control systems for the home. We have completed thousands of high-end residential projects that have given us the knowledge required to create the same sophisticated lighting systems that we use in million-dollar listings in your home.

There are a variety of moods homeowners can create for their homes. Generally, our clients use a natural light that replicates the sunlight. This color temperature lands between 3500K to 5000K. This color contains refracts off furniture really well to create a natural look in your space. A cozy mood can use lighting 3500K and below which has a warm tone to it. This will create spaces meant for gathering, family, and rest.

If you want low-cost and professional residential lighting design feel free to call us to schedule a time for your free on-site lighting consultation. Schedule online by applying here.

Commercial Lighting Consultants

Commercial lighting consultant work for office in Brickell

There are two commercial lighting consultations that we do:

  • Commercial lighting consultation for energy savings (switching to LEDs)
  • Commercial lighting consultation for design

Energy Savings

Commercial on-site consultations for energy savings give property managers and building owners a solid understanding of the savings their property can achieve. A commercial consultation would consist of multiple lighting services:

  1. A lighting survey
  2. A photometric plan
  3. Then the led retrofit, in which our technicians switch out the old halogen, fluorescent, or other traditional lighting sources for new energy-saving LEDs.

A majority of our consultations result in the property owner saving 70% on their electrical bill instantly. The return on investment is upwards of 200% and a full payback on the cost of the project is usually less than 2 years.

Design Goal

A design-based on-site consultation will work similarly to a residential lighting project.

  • Lighting consultant defines your goals.
  • Reviews the architecture and existing electrical plan.
  • Devises a plan that incorporates your lighting goals with the property.

Lighting Consultant Applications

  • New Residential Construction
  • Residential Lighting Remodel
  • Commercial New Construction
  • Commercial Lighting Retrofit
  • Sales Floor and Showroom
  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels
  • Parking Lot Lighting Retrofit
  • Warehouse Lighting Retrofit


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