Case Studies
We are always excited to hear back from our customers who have switched to LEDs! Our team of engineers, designers, and installers provide our clients with instant savings and thousands of dollars in savings annually while creating a brighter and safer environment.

If you give us the opportunity we can definitely do the same for you and your business!

LED Lighting Retrofits

Our team handled the design and installation of these projects! We are excited to report to you the results!
Del Prado On The Bay Logo Square

Plaza Del Prado Condominium Association - HOA/Condo

A 150,000 sq. ft parking lot, 57,000 sq. ft outdoor recreation area, and 125 common area hallways switched to energy-efficient LEDs! Safety and security increased ten-fold. The residents were definitely ecstatic at their new building.


Palm At Town and Country - Retail

After this project, metal halide lighting fixtures within a 50 mile radius should definitely be scared of us. We converted the 3.7 million sq. ft parking lot and common areas to LED and reduced consumption by 70%!

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Sonic Drive In - Retail

All-new construction with commercial-grade canopy and accent led neon lights. This place got the deluxe package and WOW, the grand opening impressed thousands of Homestead residents.

Photometric Plans

Our lighting engineers and designers create lighting layouts for hundreds of projects!

Riviera Isles Condo Association - HOA/Condo

40,000 sq. ft of basketball and tennis courts illuminated to perfection! Residents now have access to a great outdoor area to play and relax during the evening. We used led parking lot lights to light up the courts and surrounding areas while reducing their energy costs by 70%. They essentially got paid to switch to LEDs.

Carbajal Auto Dealership - Automotive

For this new construction auto dealership, our lighting engineers achieved an average of 100fc throughout the entire parking lot while achieving all city ordinances. That’s a huge accomplishment! During the night time, this dealership will look like the sun is still out.

Global Restaurant Equipment & Supplies - Industrial

Our lighting engineers created a plan that included a complete lighting overhaul of a 35,000 sq. ft warehouse for the interior and exterior. The I-95 highway frontage lighting was lackluster, the current exterior area lighting attracted graffiti and vandalists, many of the interior lighting fixtures were not functioning from a previous bad manufacturer.

Publix logo

Publix - Retail

Our team of lighting engineers and designers achieved Publix’s strict illumination standards of 5fc throughout the parking lot with 4:1 max:min ratios. We reduced electrical costs by 70%, instantly reducing their operation overhead costs.