Lighting Retrofit

What Is A Lighting Retrofit?

A lighting retrofit upgrades your traditional lighting system to LEDs. As a result, your energy and maintenance costs are reduced by up to 70% instantly along with huge increases in lighting quality. Usually, an upgrade to your lighting system pays for itself within 2 years. That is a 50% return-on-investment, you won’t find higher returns in any other investment!

In conclusion, you should consider switching to LEDs if your property has old fluorescent, halogen, or high-intensity discharge (metal halide, mercury-vapor, sodium-vapor) lamps. For every second your old lights are turned on, you are paying 4 times more than what you would be paying if you just retrofitted to LEDs!

Completed Commercial Parking Lot - Palms at Town & Country in Miami-Dade County

Lighting Retrofit Benefits

  • Energy savings: Reduce your energy bill by 70% instantly.
  • 50%+ return-on-investment: An average retrofit project takes 2 years to pay back all material and labor costs. You will not find a better investment for your property!
  • Maintenance-free: Newly installed LED lamps will require zero maintenance for the next 20 years.
  • Lighting quality: LEDs illuminate 4 times more than traditional lighting.
  • Low upfront costs: A retrofit job on average costs two years of your annual electrical bill.

Lighting Retrofit Cost

Most property managers will pay $10,000 to $100,000 for a lighting retrofit depending on the size of the project. A small residential project upgrading 10+ fixtures can cost as low as $5,000. A medium commercial project upgrading 25+ fixtures can cost as low as $15,000. Large commercial properties upgrading 100+ fixtures can cost $60,000 or more. These price estimates include all labor and materials.

Also, other factors such as the size of your space, the ease of installation, and your lighting goals may affect the cost of your project. For the most part, these price estimates are the national average that most lighting retrofit companies will quote around.

In conclusion, while the initial fee may seem high, many properties achieve full payback within 2 years. A lighting retrofit project is a value-add investment that reduces your electrical operating costs by up to 70%.

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Lighting Retrofit Process

Step 1: Lighting and Energy Audit

Our lighting consultant will audit your existing lighting system and determine where changes can be made to reduce energy usage. You will discover what it costs you to run your facility, how a lighting retrofit can increase your building value, rebates from local utility providers, and how you can increase your light quality.

  • Gather a site plan/CAD or conduct a site walk-through to determine the type, quantity, and location of lights that need to be changed.
  • Perform an energy audit.
  • Find all applicable utility rebates using Rebate Bus.
  • Propose a new lighting solution according to client goals.
  • Create a return-on-investment calculation: We compare your existing lighting system to the proposed lighting system. This part usually blows our client’s mind! Most times we achieve less than 2 years for a full payback.

Step 2: Photometric Plan (Optional)

Our lighting engineer will work with you to create a photometric plan (a.k.a. lighting layout). The photometric plan will make sure the proposed led retrofit lighting fixtures pass all city requirements and reach your illumination standards.

Photometric Plan Del Prado Wireframe View
Photometric Plan Del Prado Heat Map View
Carbajal Auto Dealership Photometric Plan Wireframe View

Step 3: Installation

Licensed and insured lighting retrofit contractors will perform the installation according to our plan.

Step 4: New Lights, New Property!

Enjoy your brand new lights rated to last 100,000 hours while paying 70% less than before.

Lighting Retrofit Services

Commercial Lighting Retrofit

Replace your traditional lighting (fluorescent, halogen, metal-halide, sodium-vapor, etc.) to LEDs and instantly save up to 70% on your electrical bill for any commercial property.

Parking Lot Lighting Replacement (Retrofit)

Parking lot retrofits are very popular now with the introduction of new low-cost led street lights. Switching to LED drastically reduces watt consumption, a 300W LED area light replaces a 1000W traditional fixture allowing for a huge increase in energy efficiency and a reduction in overhead costs.

Many cities are issuing notices to parking lots with sub-par lighting. We have had clients being sued for felonies, rapes, and even injuries such as tripping or falling on their property line. This type of situation can be prevented with proper lighting planning (photometric plan) and can be shown as proof of proper lighting during these extreme cases potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Warehouse Lighting Replacement (Retrofit)

Warehouses with existing traditional light fixtures can be switched to LED easily with little to no work. A 200 watt led high bay can replace a 700W traditional light fixture increasing energy efficiency by 70%.

Decrease pick errors, packing errors, and improve employee efficiency with better identification of labels and aisles while saving yourself from your energy bill. For large operations, a 1% decrease in fulfillment errors can potentially mean millions of dollars. Even for growing operations, there is absolutely no reason to not future proof your business.

Retrofit Recessed Lighting

Many interior spaces already have existing recessed can lights that can be replaced with LED lighting retrofit kits or retrofit led can lights. Easily refresh your lighting in 3 minutes with the existing e27 bulb socket and slide the fixture into the can.

Sign Me Up! How Can I Get A Lighting Retrofit?

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A lighting consultant will reach out to you to conduct a lighting and energy audit. They will propose a new lighting solution that will provide your property with reduced overhead costs and a huge increase in lighting quality.

Every client of ours is guaranteed to get the best return-on-investment. We have completed hundreds of lighting retrofits, saving millions of dollars for our clients annually. We have retrofitted parking lots, HOAs, condominiums, hotels, airports, malls, and everything in between. If you’d like to see more of our projects check out our case studies here.

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