SOLD BY ROLL RGBW Cable|#20 AWG, Indoor usage RGB + Positive + Negative Cables, UL2468, 20#2P, 50 ft(15.5m)/roll

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  • Our SOLD BY ROLL RGBW Cable combines exceptional performance with convenience, providing a topquality solution for indoor usage and a variety of applications.
  • With its RGB + Positive + Negative cables, this cable offers versatility and compatibility with various devices, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Our cable is UL2468 certified, meeting industry standards and guaranteeing safety and reliability for your projects.
  • The 20#2P configuration of our cable allows for efficient signal transmission while minimizing interference, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Each roll of our cable measures 50 ft (15.5m), providing ample length for your needs, making it suitable for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.

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The SOLD BY ROLL RGBW Cable is a top-quality, UL2468 certified cable designed for indoor use. It has a #20 AWG gauge and features RGB + Positive + Negative cables for compatibility with various devices. Each roll is 50 ft (15.5m) in length and is suitable for applications requiring RGBW connectivity, such as LED lighting installations. This durable cable offers long-lasting performance and is suitable for both professional and personal use.
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