4 Cable Wire, 20 AWG Gauge flat cable, conductor:21/0.16TS, 967’/roll, price for ft, UL1007, 20#4P

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  • Our 4 Cable Wire solution is designed with durability and reliability in mind, ensuring longlasting performance for your applications.
  • The 20 AWG Gauge size of this cable guarantees optimal performance, allowing for efficient transmission of signals.
  • With a configuration of 21/0.16TS, our cable maximizes conductivity and minimizes signal loss, delivering superior quality and clarity.
  • This UL1007compliant cable meets safety regulations, making it suitable for use in both industrial and residential settings.
  • Our competitive cost per foot pricing allows you to order the exact amount of cable you need, providing a costeffective solution for your wiring requirements.

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We offer a durable and reliable 4 Cable Wire solution with a 20 AWG Gauge size. The cable has a configuration of 21/0.16TS for optimal conductivity and minimal signal loss. It comes in rolls of 967 feet, making it suitable for long distances without frequent junctions or splices. It meets UL1007 standards for safety compliance and can be used in various settings. The pricing is reasonable and competitive, allowing you to order as much or as little as needed. Overall, it is a high-quality, affordable, and convenient option for all types of projects.
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