> LED 1 channel RF remote controller >Voltage: 12VDC, Output current: 12A >144 watts >1 to 1 remote pairing

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  • The 144W LED 1 channel RF remote controller allows for easy and efficient control of LED lighting systems, providing a seamless integration into any residential or commercial setup.
  • With its advanced RF technology, this controller ensures reliable and stable wireless control over your LED lights, allowing you to adjust the lighting intensity and create the perfect ambiance.
  • Operating on a 12VDC power supply, this controller can handle up to 144 watts of power, making it suitable for various lighting setups and providing flexibility in designing your lighting system.
  • The onetoone remote pairing feature allows for easy connection and operation with a compatible remote control device, providing convenience and ease of use to the user.
  • The sleek and professional design of this LED 1 channel RF remote controller adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to your setup, combining both functionality and style in one device.

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The 144W LED 1 channel RF remote controller is a high-quality device for controlling LED lighting systems. It operates on a 12VDC power supply and can handle up to 144 watts of power. With advanced RF technology, it offers reliable wireless control. It has a one-to-one remote pairing feature and is suitable for residential and commercial applications. Its sleek design adds to the aesthetics of any setup.
Color Temperature,,,,
Finish ColorWhite
Warranty1 year

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