Input power:DC12-24V, Output power: DC12V: <288W, DC24V: <576W, Output current:8A/CH, Dimension: L83*W79*H33mm - Indoor use only, not waterproof

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  • This device is compatible with DC1224V power sources, providing versatility and compatibility for a range of power inputs.
  • With a maximum output power of 288W at DC12V and 576W at DC24V, this device efficiently converts input power into two different output power options to meet varying power requirements.
  • Each output channel can deliver a current of up to 8A, ensuring sufficient power supply for multiple devices or components.
  • The compact size of L83*W79*H33mm allows for easy installation and integration into various setups, saving space and offering flexibility in placement.
  • This device’s reliable power management and distribution capabilities make it a suitable choice for both professional and personal applications, offering efficient power supply and ease of use.

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This device can accept DC12-24V power sources and efficiently convert it into two output power options. The first option is DC12V with a maximum output power of 288W, while the second option is DC24V with a maximum output power of 576W. Each output channel can provide up to 8A of current. It has compact dimensions of L83*W79*H33mm, allowing for easy installation and integration. This versatile and efficient device is suitable for various applications, offering a reliable solution for power management and distribution. Its compact design makes it flexible and ideal for both professional and personal use.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage12V - 24VDC
Finish Colorblack
Warranty1 year

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