1 Channel wall box, one knob Dimmer, 5~24VDC(12V/96W, 24V/192w) – Indoor use only, not waterproof

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  • The 1 Channel Wall Box features a knob dimmer, providing versatile control over lighting ambiance for professional lighting installations.
  • With a power rating of 96W, this wall box offers efficient illumination for various settings, ensuring optimal lighting conditions.
  • The voltage range of 5~24 VDC allows compatibility with different power sources, offering flexibility in choosing between 12V/96W or 24V/192W options.
  • Combining functionality and style, this wall box is an ideal choice for professional lighting installations, offering convenient usage and precise light adjustments.
  • Its informative design ensures easy operation and maintains a sleek and sophisticated look, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of any space.

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The 1 Channel Wall Box has a knob dimmer for versatile lighting control. It has a power rating of 96W and is compatible with power sources ranging from 5-24 VDC. It combines functionality and style for professional lighting installations, with a sleek design and informative features for convenient and precise light adjustments.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage12V - 24VDC
Finish ColorWhite
Warranty1 year

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