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Surface Mount – W:17mm*H:43mm*L:8.2’/98″, InnerW:13.5mm

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  • The Surface Mount’s compact and sleek design, measuring W:17mm by H:43mm, makes it an ideal choice for applications with limited space, ensuring efficient utilization of available area.
  • With a length of 8.2 feet (equivalent to 98 inches), the Surface Mount provides ample flexibility for various installation requirements, reducing the need for additional connectors or extensions.
  • The inner width of 13.5mm ensures a secure fitting and stability when installing the Surface Mount, preventing any potential movement or dislodgement.
  • Not only is the Surface Mount highly functional and efficient, but its professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any space it is installed in.
  • The Surface Mount’s design combines both practicality and visual appeal, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking to enhance the overall look and functionality of their premises.

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The Surface Mount is a compact and sleek design, measuring W:17mm by H:43mm. It is ideal for limited space applications. It has a length of 8.2 feet (98 inches), providing flexibility for installations. The inner width of 13.5mm ensures secure fitting and stability. Its efficient and functional design also offers a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
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