Steel Corner for 5-F48-10′, 4 Big (45*13*1.5mm) and 4 Small (40*7.5*1.5mm)

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  • The Steel Corner for 5F4810 feet is a highly durable product designed to provide exceptional support and stability in construction and fabrication projects.
  • This corner piece includes 4 Big steel components and 4 Small components, made from highquality steel, ensuring superior strength and longlasting performance.
  • The 4 Big steel components offer robust reinforcement, while the 4 Small components provide added flexibility and versatility in various applications.
  • Carefully calculated dimensions of the steel components ensure a perfect fit and seamless integration into your project.
  • With its professionalgrade construction and impeccable design, the Steel Corner for 5F4810 feet guarantees optimal structural integrity and longevity, making it a reliable choice for any project requiring support and stability.

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The Steel Corner for 5-F48-10 feet is a versatile and durable product designed for exceptional support and stability. It includes 4 Big steel components (45*13*1.5mm) and 4 Small components (40*7.5*1.5mm), all made from high-quality steel for strength and performance. The Big components offer reinforcement, while the Small components provide flexibility. Ideal for construction projects, it withstands heavy loads and challenging conditions. Precisely fabricated for a perfect fit, it guarantees structural integrity and longevity.
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