Silicon edge strip, suitable for aluminum extrusions, except 5-F30-10′ (W)14mm*3mm(H)* (L)30 meter/roll

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  • The Silicon edge strip is specifically designed for aluminum extrusions, providing a reliable and effective sealing solution.
  • This highquality strip is perfect for a wide range of applications and guarantees superior performance and durability.
  • Crafted from premiumgrade silicone, this strip offers exceptional resistance to varying temperatures, UV radiation, moisture, and chemicals.
  • Its innovative design ensures a secure fit, preventing any unwanted leaks or gaps while maintaining a sleek appearance.
  • Whether used in commercial or residential environments, this edge strip provides a professional and polished finish to aluminum extrusions, making it an ideal choice for architects, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts.

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The Silicon edge strip is a high-quality sealing solution designed specifically for aluminum extrusions. It comes in various sizes, with the exception of the 5-F30-10 feet variant. The strip is made from premium-grade silicone, offering exceptional resistance to temperature, UV radiation, moisture, and chemicals. It is easy to install and adjust, making it suitable for both commercial and residential environments. Architects, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts can rely on this durable and professional strip to achieve a polished finish for their aluminum extrusion projects.
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