Single side 6cm thick Alumimum frame for fabric, (L)10′

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  • Made from highquality aluminum, this 6cm thick frame provides exceptional stability and durability for longterm fabric installations.
  • With a length of 10 feet, this frame is suitable for a wide range of fabric applications, making it versatile for various settings.
  • Crafted from premiumgrade aluminum, this frame ensures excellent strength and resilience, capable of withstanding regular wear and tear.
  • The sleek design of this frame adds an elegant touch to any space, making it perfect for professional environments or areas focused on aesthetics.
  • The singlesided feature enables easy installation and hasslefree fabric changes, allowing for quick updates to accommodate different design preferences or seasonal themes.

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The aluminum frame is designed for fabric applications and measures 6cm thick and 10 feet long. It is made from premium-grade aluminum, ensuring strength and resilience. The sleek design adds elegance to any space. The single-sided feature allows for easy installation and fabric changes. Overall, it provides durability, aesthetics, and convenience for professional or aesthetic-focused environments.
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