RM Series 60-150W cover for motion sensor


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  • The RM Series 60150W cover provides optimal protection and coverage for motion sensors, safeguarding them from external elements such as dust, rain, and debris, ensuring their longevity and reliability.
  • Easy and hasslefree installation of the cover ensures a secure fit over the motion sensor without compromising its performance, allowing for convenient adjustments and maintenance whenever necessary.
  • This cover is compatible with a wide range of motion sensor models and brands, making it a versatile choice for various applications, accommodating power ranging from 60 to 150 watts.
  • With its sleek and professional design, the cover seamlessly blends with any surroundings, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment while enhancing the functionality of your motion sensor system.
  • Invest in this reliable cover to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your motion sensor, enabling you to maintain a secure and efficient environment.

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The RM Series 60-150W cover for motion sensor is a durable and efficient solution designed to protect motion sensors. It offers easy installation and access to sensor controls. The cover is compatible with various motion sensor models and brands. It has a sleek design that blends well with any surroundings. Overall, it provides optimal protection and functionality for motion sensor systems.
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