Microwave motion sensor for RM series LED street light


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  • The 1STRMMS Microwave motion sensor accurately detects even the slightest motion, allowing for precise control of the RM series LED street light and reducing energy consumption.
  • Unlike traditional infrared sensors, the microwave technology used in this motion sensor does not require direct line of sight, minimizing blind spots and providing flexibility in mounting positions.
  • The detection range and sensitivity of the motion sensor can be easily adjusted to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.
  • Engineered to meet high industry standards, the motion sensor guarantees reliability and durability, seamlessly integrating with the RM series LED street light for a professional aesthetic and superior functionality.
  • Installation is straightforward with the userfriendly interface and clear instructions, providing an added layer of safety and security to your outdoor lighting system. The motion sensor ensures that your LED street light only activates when necessary, conserving energy and reducing light pollution.

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The 1-ST-RM-MS Microwave motion sensor is a cutting-edge technology specifically designed for the RM series LED street light with a color temperature of 6500K. It utilizes microwave technology to accurately detect movement, increasing security and energy efficiency. The sensor's advantages include non-line-of-sight detection, adjustable range and sensitivity, and easy installation. It meets industry standards for reliability and durability and seamlessly integrates with the RM series LED street light. Overall, this motion sensor enhances efficiency and security for outdoor lighting systems.
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