RGB 4 Pin Two side connector for IP20 10mm cob strip, with cable (L)6″


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  • Specifically designed for IP20 10mm COB strips, this RGB 4 Pin Two Side Connector allows for easy and efficient connectivity between your lighting setup and power source or controller.
  • The convenient 6inch cable included with this connector ensures a hasslefree installation process, making it suitable for both professional installers and DIY enthusiasts.
  • With four pins, this connector provides reliable and robust connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly control the color and brightness of your lighting setup.
  • The twoside design of this connector guarantees a secure and stable connection, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of your lighting installation.
  • Constructed with durability in mind, this connector is made to last, ensuring a flawless and seamless lighting experience for any project.

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The RGB 4 Pin Two Side Connector is designed for IP20 10mm COB strips. It has a 6-inch cable, making installation easy. With four pins, it provides reliable connectivity. The two-side design ensures a secure connection. Its durable construction guarantees optimal performance. It is a must-have accessory for lighting projects, suitable for professionals or DIYers. Installation is hassle-free, and the connector offers a seamless lighting experience.
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