Two male end RGB connection cable for 4 pins, 4″ (10cm) in length


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  • The 4inch (10cm) two male end RGB connection cable is specifically designed to connect multiple 4pin RGB LED lights together, ensuring seamless and hasslefree connectivity.
  • With its durable construction, this cable guarantees longlasting performance, making it a reliable solution for creating a cohesive lighting system.
  • The inclusion of two male ends in this cable simplifies the process of connecting 6500K 4pin RGB lights, eliminating any complications or difficulties.
  • This connection cable provides a convenient and efficient solution for linking your RGB lights, allowing you to easily customize and control your lighting system.
  • By utilizing this cable, you can effortlessly create a synchronized and visually appealing lighting setup, enhancing the overall ambiance and aesthetic of any space.

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We have a 4-inch (10cm) RGB connection cable with two male ends that effortlessly connects multiple 4-pin RGB LED lights together. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance and hassle-free connectivity. This cable is perfect for linking your 6500K 4-pin RGB lights, providing a reliable and efficient solution for creating a cohesive lighting system.
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