RGB 4 Pin connector for IP20 10mm cob strip, without cable, strip to strip

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  • The RGB 4 Pin connector is specifically designed for use with IP20 10mm COB strips, providing a secure and efficient way to connect multiple strips together without the need for additional cables.
  • With its compact design and durable construction, this connector ensures a hasslefree installation process, allowing you to easily insert and secure your strips in place.
  • The connector’s four pins guarantee a strong and stable connection, ensuring that your strips remain securely joined and providing reliable lighting performance.
  • The RGB functionality of this connector gives you the ability to easily control and customize the color output of your COB strips, offering endless possibilities for creating vibrant or soothing lighting effects.
  • In addition to its functionality, this connector boasts a sleek and professional appearance, with a matte finish and streamlined design that seamlessly blends with any interior or exterior lighting setup, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your project.

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The RGB 4 Pin connector is designed specifically for use with IP20 10mm COB strips. It allows for easy and secure strip-to-strip connections without extra cables. The connector's compact design and durable construction ensure a hassle-free installation process. It provides reliable and efficient linking of multiple strips for stunning lighting effects. The RGB functionality allows for easy control and customization of color output. The connector has a sleek and professional appearance that blends seamlessly with any lighting setup. Overall, it offers a convenient, reliable, and visually pleasing solution for connecting and controlling lighting setups.
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