FINAL SALE – Limited 30-day Warranty- Price Drop 30%–OSRAM 35 Watts PAR30 LED Bulb 85-265VAC 6500K

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  • The PAR30 OSRAM LED Bulb offers exceptional performance and energy efficiency, consuming significantly less energy compared to traditional bulbs while providing a bright and powerful illumination with a wattage of 35W.
  • With an impressive light output of 2900 lumens, this LED bulb ensures ample brightness for various applications, while its narrow 24degree beam angle allows for precise and focused lighting, ideal for highlighting specific areas or objects.
  • The easytoinstall E26 base and voltage range of 85~265VAC make this bulb compatible with a wide range of fixtures and electrical systems, increasing its versatility and usability.
  • Emitting a cool white color temperature of 6000K to 6500K, this bulb creates a crisp and refreshing light that enhances visibility and promotes productivity, making it suitable for office spaces, retail environments, and homes.
  • The builtin fan in this bulb helps dissipate heat and prevents overheating, ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of the bulb, making it a reliable and durable lighting option.

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The PAR30 OSRAM LED Bulb is a high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solution that provides bright and powerful illumination. With a wattage of 35W, it consumes less energy compared to traditional bulbs. It produces 2900 lumens of light output with a narrow 24-degree beam angle for precise and focused lighting. It is easy to install with an E26 base and compatible with different electrical systems. Its cool white color temperature enhances visibility and promotes productivity. The built-in fan helps dissipate heat, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Overall, it is a versatile and efficient option for indoor lighting.
Color Temperature,,,,
CertificationsRoHs, CE
Finish ColorSilver
Warranty1 year

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