LED bulb BR30 type, 12watt/110Vac, E26 Socket, White light 6000K, Dimmable w/UL

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  • Our 12W LED Bulbs, Type BR30, offer superior illumination while significantly reducing energy consumption, providing a costeffective lighting solution for any space.
  • With a voltage requirement of 110VAC, these bulbs can easily be installed in most standard home fixtures, making the transition to energyefficient lighting hasslefree.
  • Experience the benefits of brilliant white light at 6000K, creating a clean and crisp ambiance in any room. Perfect for residential, commercial, or retail environments, these LED bulbs enhance visibility and create an inviting atmosphere.
  • The dimmable feature of our 12W LED Bulbs allows for effortless adjustment of brightness to suit any mood or activity, providing customizable lighting options for maximum comfort.
  • Our LED bulbs are ULcertified, ensuring safety and reliability. With a durable construction and impressive lifespan, these bulbs offer longterm savings in both maintenance efforts and costs. Make the switch to our 12W LED Bulbs, Type BR30, and enjoy the perfect balance of efficiency, quality, and style for your lighting needs.

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Introducing our 12W LED Bulbs, Type BR30, providing superior illumination and energy efficiency. Compatible with most standard home fixtures and easy to install with the E26 socket. Experience brilliant white light at 6000K for a clean and inviting ambiance in any room. Dimmable feature allows for customizable brightness. UL certification guarantees safety and reliability. Durable and long-lasting bulbs save on maintenance costs. Make the switch to our 12W LED Bulbs for the perfect balance of efficiency, quality, and style.
Color Temperature,,,,
Finish ColorWhite
Dimming0 - 10V
Warranty1 year

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