FINAL SALE – Limited 30-day Warranty- Price Drop 25%- 4 channel mini controller for M-S-50-RGBW-2M, 4Amps/5V, 24 key, RGBW , USB plug


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  • The 2MCTL 4 channel mini controller is specifically designed for the MS50RGBW2M LED lighting system, providing a versatile and efficient way to control and customize your lighting experience.
  • With its four individual channels, this mini controller offers precise control over color intensity and output, giving you endless creative possibilities and the ability to create the perfect ambiance for any setting.
  • The userfriendly interface of the 2MCTL mini controller allows for easy navigation and quick adjustments, ensuring convenience and simplicity in controlling your lighting setup.
  • Designed with advanced technology, this mini controller guarantees reliable and efficient performance, providing seamless communication and synchronization with your MS50RGBW2M LED lights for smooth transitions and enhanced visual appeal.
  • Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, the compact size and ergonomic design of the 2MCTL mini controller make it an indispensable tool for upgrading your lighting setup and unlocking a world of possibilities for your MS50RGBW2M LED lights.

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The 2M-CTL 4 channel mini controller is designed specifically for the M-S-50-RGBW-2M LED lighting system. It allows for precise control over color channels, has a user-friendly interface, and guarantees smooth transitions between colors and lighting modes. This compact and efficient controller is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts looking to enhance their lighting setup.
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