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  • The 8W LED Kitchen Strip Light 4500K is a highpowered and energyefficient lighting solution that delivers bright and crisp white light for your kitchen workspace.
  • With its low power consumption of 8 watts and a 12V input, this strip light provides ample illumination while minimizing energy usage.
  • Measuring at 80*2.5cm, this LED strip light is designed to cover larger work areas or countertops with ease, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.
  • Featuring a brightness of 700 lumens, this strip light delivers a powerful beam of light, ensuring optimal visibility for all your kitchen tasks.
  • Installation is a breeze with this LED kitchen strip light, as it comes with adhesive tape and can be easily customized to fit your desired size, giving you full control over the lighting layout in your kitchen.

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The 8W LED Kitchen Strip Light 4500K is an energy-efficient and powerful lighting solution for kitchens. It provides bright white light with low power consumption and easy installation. Measuring 80*2.5cm, it covers large work areas or countertops and emits a cool white light at 4500K. With a brightness of 700 lumens, it enhances visibility for cooking tasks. The strip light comes with adhesive tape for easy mounting and can be customized in length. Overall, it offers power, efficiency, and convenience for illuminating kitchen spaces.
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