4 Channel (RGB+W) RF touch remote controller, 5~24Vdc, 288w/12V(576w/24V), control distance 20~30m – Indoor use only, not waterproof

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  • The 288 4 Channel (RGB+W) RF Controller Touch Remote allows effortless control of up to 4 individual channels, including RGB and W LED lights.
  • With a maximum control range of 20~30 meters, this remote offers excellent signal strength and responsiveness for easy adjustment of brightness, color, and lighting modes.
  • Its compact and ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and effortless operation, while also adding a sleek and modern aesthetic appeal to your lighting setup.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, this remote guarantees accurate and reliable transmission of signals, ensuring seamless communication with your LED lights without delay or interference.
  • Whether in residential or commercial applications, the 288 4 Channel (RGB+W) RF Controller Touch Remote delivers functionality, ease of use, and robust performance for quick and convenient lighting control.

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The 288 4 Channel (RGB+W) RF Controller Touch Remote is a high-quality and versatile remote control for RGB and W LED lights. It operates on a power supply of 5~24VDC and has a control range of 20~30 meters. The remote offers intuitive touch controls for easy operation and features a compact and ergonomic design. It ensures accurate and reliable signal transmission and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage12V - 24VDC
Warranty1 year

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