Wire to PC board clear connector for outdoor RGB color LED strip in 10mm, cable for 18-20AWG > IP65 Connector >Strip light to cable union > Insert 18-20AWG cable via the narrow end


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  • Use an IP65 connector specifically designed for outdoor applications to provide protection against dust and water ingress, ensuring durability and longevity for your RGB LED strip.
  • Utilize a strip light to cable union to seamlessly connect your LED strip to the cable, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.
  • Insert the 1820AWG cable into the narrow end of the connector, designed specifically to accommodate cables of this size, allowing for a proper fit and connection.
  • To maintain the IP65 rating and ensure a waterproof seal, apply silicone via the glue hole in the connector. This will create a tight seal, preventing moisture from entering the connection point and prolonging the lifespan of your LED strip.
  • Exercise caution and attention to detail throughout the process to guarantee a secure and reliable connection, maximizing the performance and functionality of your outdoor RGB color LED strip.

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To convert a wire to a PC board clear connector for an outdoor RGB color LED strip, follow these steps: 1. Get an IP65 Connector for protection against dust and water. 2. Use a strip light to cable union to connect the strip light to the cable. 3. Insert the 18-20AWG cable into the narrow end of the connector. 4. Apply silicone through the glue hole to create a waterproof seal. Exercise caution and pay attention to detail to ensure a secure and reliable connection.
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