IP65 6 PIN connector RGBCCT color LED strip with 12mm width FPC AWG20# L=150mm one side open wire


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  • The IP65 6 PIN connector RGBCCT color LED strip offers a versatile lighting solution with customizable colors, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • With its durable FPC and AWG20# wires, this LED strip ensures reliable and longlasting performance.
  • The convenient 6 PIN connector allows for easy installation and secure electrical connections, ensuring a safe and efficient lighting system.
  • The RGBCCT functionality provides endless possibilities for creating different moods and atmospheres, allowing you to control traditional RGB colors as well as cool white and warm white tones.
  • Measuring at 150mm in length, this compact and flexible LED strip can be seamlessly integrated into various applications, making it ideal for creating captivating lighting effects.

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The IP65 6 PIN connector RGBCCT color LED strip is a versatile lighting option that fits into various installations with its 12mm width. It features a durable flexible printed circuit with reliable AWG20# wires. Its IP65 rating makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, while the 6 PIN connector ensures secure and efficient electrical connection. The RGBCCT functionality allows for customization of colors and tones, making it adaptable to different moods and atmospheres. With its compact size and easy installation, it is ideal for creating captivating lighting effects in any setting.
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