Underground LED Light, 12W, 24VAC, RGB, 30? beam, D180*90mm, IP67, stainless steel with plastic template

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  • The 12W Underground LED Light RGB provides ample brightness to enhance any outdoor space, making it an exceptional choice for illuminating outdoor areas.
  • With its RGB color options, this light allows you to effortlessly create a vibrant and colorful ambiance, whether you want to set a relaxing atmosphere or make a bold statement.
  • The 30degree beam angle of this LED light is perfect for highlighting specific areas in your garden or landscape, allowing you to accentuate beautiful flowerbeds or draw attention to stunning architectural features with precision and elegance.
  • Built from stainless steel with a plastic template, this LED light is durable and weatherresistant, with an impressive IP67 rating. This means it can withstand the elements and function flawlessly even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Operating on a 24VAC input, this light delivers reliable and efficient performance, ensuring longlasting use and providing peace of mind.

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The 12W Underground LED Light RGB is a versatile and durable outdoor lighting solution. With its 12W power output, it provides ample brightness for any outdoor space. It operates on a 24VAC input for reliable performance. The standout feature of this light is its RGB color options, allowing for a vibrant and colorful ambiance. Its 30-degree beam angle is perfect for highlighting specific areas, and its durable construction ensures long-lasting use in challenging weather conditions.
Color Temperature,,,,
IP RatingIP67
Finish ColorBlack + Silver
Warranty1 year

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