UL Outdoor adjustable & dimmable driver, Output 20~62Vdc/3.87~5.2A, Input 90~305Vac, Effi:92%, PF 0.96, Default 48V/5A

SKU: D-S240-48V-5A-UL

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  • The UL Outdoor Adjustable Dimmable Driver is a highquality power supply designed specifically for outdoor lighting applications, providing professionalgrade performance and reliability.
  • With an impressive output range of 20 to 62 volts AC and 3.87 to 5.2 amps, this driver offers flexibility in accommodating various lighting fixtures, allowing for customized lighting solutions.
  • Operating on a wide input voltage range of 90 to 305 volts AC, this driver ensures compatibility with different electrical systems, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor environments.
  • Boasting a remarkable efficiency rating of 92%, the UL Outdoor Adjustable Dimmable Driver provides energy savings and reduces operational costs, offering longterm benefits to users.
  • Equipped with dimming capabilities and adjustable output settings, this driver allows for customized lighting levels, creating desired ambiance or adapting to changing environmental conditions, providing added versatility and functionality.

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The UL Outdoor Adjustable Dimmable Driver is a high-quality power supply for outdoor lighting. It has a wide output range and operates on a wide input voltage range. It is efficient, adjustable, dimmable, and meets safety standards. It is durable and suitable for various outdoor lighting applications.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC
Warranty1 year