UL Outdoor adjustable & dimmable driver, Output 20~62Vdc/1.93~3A, Input 90~305Vac, Effi:92%, PF 0.96, Default 45V/2.67A

SKU: D-S120-45V-2.67A-UL

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  • The 120W Outdoor Adjustable Dimmable Driver UL is a highquality and reliable device that has been UL certified for safe outdoor use.
  • This driver offers adjustable and dimmable features, providing flexibility in customizing and controlling the lighting output according to your preferences.
  • With a wide output range of 20~62VAC and a current range of 1.93~3A, this driver can meet various lighting requirements, making it suitable for different applications.
  • Its compatibility with a wide range of power sources, with an input voltage range of 90~305VAC, ensures its usability in different environments.
  • The high efficiency rating of 92% and power factor of 0.96 guarantee optimal performance and minimal power loss, maximizing power utilization and energy savings.

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The 120W Outdoor Adjustable Dimmable Driver UL is a safe and reliable device that is UL certified for outdoor use. It offers adjustable and dimmable lighting output with a wide voltage and current range. It is compatible with various power sources and has a high efficiency rating. The default setting provides balanced lighting, but it can be easily adjusted for specific applications. Overall, this driver combines safety, versatility, and efficiency for optimal performance and energy savings.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC
Warranty1 year