UL Corn Light 100watt/100~277Vac, White5000K/115200Lm. CRI:>80, Ra, pf>0.92 Clear cover, IP64, Epister SMD2835 Chip, Side4.5″x10.5″, 3 Year Limited Warranty

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  • The UL Corn Light 100 Watt/85~300VAC is a highquality lighting solution designed for efficient and reliable illumination in offices, warehouses, and outdoor spaces.
  • With its 5000K color temperature, this corn light delivers a crisp and bright white light that enhances visibility in any environment.
  • Featuring a luminous flux of 115200 Lumens and a Color Rendering Index (CRI) above 75Ra, this corn light provides exceptional brightness and ensures accurate color representation.
  • With a power factor (Pf) of over 0.92, this corn light operates with high efficiency, converting a majority of energy into usable light.
  • Equipped with a clear cover and IP64 rating, this corn light offers optimal light transmission and is resistant to dust and water ingress, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its compact size and UL certification ensure easy installation and compliance with safety and quality standards.

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The UL Corn Light 100 Watt is a high-quality lighting solution designed for efficient and reliable illumination. It has a 5000K color temperature, delivering a bright white light. With a luminous flux of 115200 Lumens, it is ideal for large spaces. The corn light has a CRI above 75Ra for accurate color representation. It operates with high efficiency and has a long lifespan. The light is equipped with a clear cover for optimal light transmission and has an IP64 rating for dust and water resistance. It is easy to install and compatible with various fixtures. The UL certification ensures safety and quality standards. Overall, it is a professional and durable lighting option suitable for commercial and industrial applications.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 240VAC
IP RatingIP65
Environmental RatingWater Resistant
Lens TypeAcrylic
Warranty1 year

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