Two Adjustable Head Emergency Light, >90min battery backup, UL Listed, 120/277VAC


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  • The 2 Two Adjustable Head Emergency Light UL Listed is a reliable lighting solution designed for emergency situations, offering maximum safety and durability with its UL94V0 flame rating and injectionmolded thermoplastic ABS housing.
  • With its flexible installation options, this emergency light can be confidently mounted on walls or ceilings, thanks to its fireretardant properties.
  • Equipped with super bright SMD LED lights, consisting of two 2W LEDs, this emergency light ensures excellent visibility during power outages or emergencies. These LEDs are energyefficient and have a long lifespan, providing reliable lighting when needed the most.
  • The Nickel Cadmium Battery included in this emergency light offers reliable backup power, ensuring continuous operation even during extended power outages.
  • The presence of a test switch and charge indicator light allows for easy testing and monitoring of the battery’s charging status, ensuring that it is always ready for emergencies. This feature provides peace of mind knowing that the emergency light is prepared for any situation.

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The 2 Two Adjustable Head Emergency Light UL Listed is a durable and safe lighting solution for emergencies. It can be easily mounted on walls or ceilings and operates at different input voltages. Its super bright LED lights provide excellent visibility and energy efficiency. The Nickel Cadmium Battery ensures continuous operation during power outages, and the test switch and charge indicator allow for easy monitoring. Overall, this emergency light combines functionality and safety for various applications.
Color Temperature,,,,
Voltage120V - 277VAC
Warranty1 year

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