T5 LED Aluminum + Plastic 58″ tube 24watt, Input AC85-265V, 6500K, CRI 80, 100lm/w, Beam 120?, PF 0.95, CE RoHS, 3 Year Warranty (Comes with connector and clips).

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  • Upgrade your lighting solution with our energyefficient T5 LED Aluminum + Plastic 58″ Tube, designed to replace traditional 24W tubes and offering numerous benefits.
  • Emitting a bright and cool 6500K light, this tube provides optimal visibility and a high color rendering index (CRI) of 80, ensuring accurate color representation throughout the area.
  • With a power factor of 0.95 and an impressive 100 lumens per watt, our T5 LED tube delivers substantial illumination while using minimal power, saving you money on energy costs.
  • The aluminum and plastic construction of our tube ensures durability and reliability for years to come, making it a longlasting investment.
  • Hasslefree installation is made possible with the included connector and clips, and our product complies with CE RoHS standards, ensuring topnotch quality and safety. Additionally, a 3year warranty provides additional peace of mind for your purchase.

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Upgrade your lighting solution with our energy-efficient T5 LED Aluminum + Plastic 58" Tube. This tube replaces traditional 24W tubes, emitting a bright and cool 6500K light, providing optimal visibility with a high CRI of 80. The 120-degree beam angle ensures even and consistent lighting. With a power factor of 0.95 and 100 lumens per watt, it saves energy and delivers substantial illumination. Its aluminum and plastic construction ensures durability. Installation is hassle-free with included connector and clips. The tube complies with CE RoHS standards for top-notch quality and safety. It comes with a 3-year warranty for long-lasting performance. Choose our tube for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting upgrade.
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Voltage120V - 240VAC