T5 LED Aluminum + Plastic 12″ tube 5watt, Input AC85-265V, 6500K, CRI 80, 100lm/w, Beam 120?, PF 0.95, CE RoHS, 3 Year Warranty (Comes with connector and clips)

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  • Our T5 LED Aluminum + Plastic 12″ Tube offers a powerful 5W output, emitting a bright and cool 6500K light that enhances visibility and creates a refreshing atmosphere.
  • With a high CRI of 80, this tube ensures accurate color rendering, providing even and consistent lighting for your space.
  • Designed with a 120degree beam angle, this tube distributes light evenly across the room, eliminating dark spots and shadows.
  • With an impressive 100 lumens per watt, this tube delivers exceptional brightness while minimizing power consumption, making it both costeffective and environmentally friendly.
  • Installing this tube is hasslefree, thanks to the included connector and clips. Simply connect the tube to your existing fixture and enjoy instant illumination.

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Upgrade your lighting with our T5 LED Aluminum + Plastic 12" Tube. It emits a bright 6500K light, enhancing visibility and creating a refreshing atmosphere. With a high CRI of 80, it provides accurate color rendering for even lighting. The 120-degree beam angle distributes light evenly, eliminating dark spots. It has a power factor of 0.95 and 100 lumens per watt, ensuring efficient performance and energy savings. Installation is easy with the included connector and clips. It is CE RoHS certified and comes with a 3-year warranty for durability and reliability. Illuminate your space confidently with our superior lighting solution.
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Voltage120V - 240VAC