Steel hanging plate 37*28mm

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  • The Steel Hanging Plate, measuring 37*28mm, offers exceptional strength and longevity due to its highquality steel construction.
  • Its compact size allows for effortless accommodation of smaller items without taking up unnecessary space, while the sleek design ensures inconspicuous yet reliable support.
  • Whether in homes, offices, or other commercial spaces, this plate is essential for organizing and displaying a multitude of objects, from picture frames and mirrors to lightweight decorations.
  • The installation process is simple and hasslefree, with the plate easily attaching to walls, cabinets, or other suitable surfaces using appropriate fixtures or adhesive for a secure and stable hold.
  • The corrosionresistant properties of the steel material ensure the hanging plate remains unblemished over time, making it a longlasting and aesthetically pleasing addition to any space.

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The Steel Hanging Plate is a durable and versatile accessory made from high-quality steel. It measures 37*28mm and offers exceptional strength and longevity. Its compact size allows it to accommodate smaller items without taking up unnecessary space. The plate's sleek design ensures it remains inconspicuous while providing reliable support. It can be easily installed on walls or cabinets using appropriate fixtures or adhesive. The plate's corrosion-resistant properties make it suitable for use in humid or outdoor environments. Overall, the Steel Hanging Plate is a reliable and convenient solution for organizing and displaying various objects in both personal and professional settings.
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