Steel corner connector 18mm


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  • The Steel Corner Connector 18mm is a durable and versatile component designed to provide reliable structural support in various applications.
  • With its precise 18mm dimensions, this connector ensures a snug fit, enhancing stability and preventing any potential movement or wobbling.
  • The userfriendly design of this corner connector makes it incredibly easy to install and effortlessly connect two steel components at a right angle, ensuring a secure and seamless joint.
  • Crafted from highquality steel with corrosionresistant properties, this connector is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, making it a longlasting solution for reinforcing structural connections.
  • Trust the Steel Corner Connector 18mm to deliver exceptional functionality, strength, and aesthetic appeal to your woodworking projects, enhancing their overall stability and professionalism.

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The Steel Corner Connector 18mm is a durable and versatile component that provides reliable structural support. Made from high-quality steel, it is resistant to wear and tear. With precise dimensions, it ensures stability and prevents movement. It is easy to install and seamlessly connects steel components at a right angle. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Trust this connector to enhance the stability and longevity of your woodworking projects.
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