Aluminum wire fixer, dia: 2.0mm. 20 ea/pkg


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  • The Aluminum Wire Fixer is a durable and longlasting tool crafted from highquality aluminum, making it capable of withstanding rigorous use without compromising performance.
  • With its 2.0mm diameter, this wire fixer offers optimal versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of projects and tasks, whether electrical, DIY, or artistic in nature.
  • This wire fixer ensures efficient wire fastening, holding wires securely in place to minimize the risk of accidents or damage, making it an essential tool for ensuring safety in various applications.
  • The userfriendly design of this wire fixer allows for quick and hasslefree installation, ensuring easy application. With 20 units included in each package, it offers great value for money and an ample supply for multiple projects.
  • In addition to its reliability and functionality, this wire fixer boasts a professional aesthetic, adding a sleek and polished touch to your finished work. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it convenient to carry and store, allowing for effortless transportation from one project to another.

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The Aluminum Wire Fixer is a versatile tool made from high-quality aluminum. It has a 2.0mm diameter and comes in a package of 20 units. It is durable, reliable, and suitable for various applications. It ensures secure wire fastening, minimizing accidents or damage. It is easy to apply, offers great value for money, and has a professional aesthetic. It is compact and lightweight for convenient transportation. Overall, it is a reliable and efficient solution for wire fastening needs in electrical, DIY, and artistic projects.
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