SPI Controller DC5V-24V 50mA APP+RF Remote+Buttons 2*600pixels IP30


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  • The SPI Controller operates with a wide range of DC power, from 5V to 24V, making it compatible with a variety of lighting systems.
  • With a low power consumption of only 50mA, this controller efficiently manages and controls lighting, saving energy and reducing costs.
  • The intuitive APP+RF Remote and Buttons provide users with multiple convenient options for controlling their lighting, allowing for effortless customization of lighting patterns and effects.
  • Equipped with two LED display panels, each containing 600 pixels, this SPI Controller delivers stunning visual displays with exceptional clarity and vibrant, dynamic colors.
  • With an IP31 rating, this controller provides protection against dust ingress, ensuring its suitability for indoor use and enhancing its durability and longevity.

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The SPI Controller operates on DC5V-24V and consumes 50mA power. It has an intuitive APP+RF remote and buttons for easy control. It has two LED display panels with 600 pixels each for stunning visual displays. It has an IP31 rating for protection against dust, making it suitable for indoor use. It seamlessly integrates with various lighting setups and allows for customization of lighting patterns. It is a reliable and versatile solution for both residential and commercial lighting needs. Specific details may vary depending on the brand and model.
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