SP601E SPI Controller DC5V-24V 50mA APP+RF Remote+Buttons 2*600pixels IP30


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  • The SP601E is a versatile SPI controller that seamlessly integrates with lighting systems, making it a professionalgrade choice for various applications.
  • With a DC power range of 5V to 24V and a low current requirement of only 50mA, the SP601E ensures efficient power utilization while providing reliable performance.
  • Equipped with an advanced APP+RF remote and intuitive control buttons, the SP601E offers convenient and easytouse control options for users.
  • The SP601E boasts a highdefinition capability of 2*600 pixels, guaranteeing exceptional visual output for enhanced lighting effects.
  • With support for multiple integrated circuits such as WS2812B, SK6812, and UCS1903, the SP601E offers flexibility and compatibility for a wide range of lighting applications.

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The SP601E is a versatile and sophisticated SPI controller for lighting systems. It operates at a DC power range of 5V to 24V and requires only 50mA of current. With an advanced remote and buttons, it provides intuitive control options. It has a high-definition capability of 2*600 pixels and reliable performance in indoor environments with its IP31 rating. The SP601E supports multiple integrated circuits, offering flexibility for various lighting applications. Overall, it is a professional-grade controller with broad compatibility, compact design, and efficient power utilization.
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