Solid Stainless steel wall frame holder 18x40mm/2.5 (Height 1.57″ Diam. 0.7 “)

SKU: BS-A4018


  • The Solid Stainless Steel Wall Frame Holder is crafted from premiumgrade stainless steel, offering durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • With dimensions measuring 18x40mm/2.5, this holder provides ample support and stability for your valuable artwork.
  • The height of 1 inch and diameter of 0.7 inches perfectly accommodate frames of various sizes, ensuring a snug fit and a seamless appearance on your wall.
  • Hasslefree installation is made possible with the userfriendly design of this wall frame holder. Simply mount it onto any suitable wall surface and rest assured that your frames will be securely held in place.
  • Whether for personal or professional settings, the Solid Stainless Steel Wall Frame Holder is a practical and stylish choice. Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces or work environments with this highquality and reliable solution.

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The Solid Stainless Steel Wall Frame Holder is a durable and elegant solution for displaying wall frames. Made from premium-grade stainless steel, it offers stability and longevity. With dimensions of 18x40mm/2.5, it can support various frame sizes. It is easy to install and has a discreet profile, allowing the frames to be the focal point. Suitable for personal and professional settings, this holder enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space.
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