Recessed Mount – W:23.5mm*H:27mm*L:8.2’/98″, InnerW:19mm

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  • The Recessed Mount is a durable and longlasting mounting option made from highquality materials, ensuring reliable performance over time.
  • With compact dimensions of W:23.5mm*H:27mm*L:8.2’/98″, this recessed mount is suitable for tight spaces while providing ample room to securely house various objects.
  • The interior space of the mount measures inner W:19mm, offering sufficient room to accommodate objects of different sizes, such as cables, wires, or small components, allowing for a secure and organized installation.
  • This versatile mount is ideal for both professional and home use, with its discreet and minimalist appearance enhancing the overall aesthetics of any surface it is mounted on. It is a great choice for offices, homes, or any setting where a clean and organized look is desired.
  • Overall, the Recessed Mount offers a sleek, reliable, and spaceefficient solution for seamlessly integrating objects into surfaces. Its highquality construction and convenient dimensions make it a practical and sophisticated mounting option that enhances both functionality and visual appeal in any space.

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The Recessed Mount is a durable and compact mounting option designed to seamlessly integrate into various surfaces. Its dimensions of W:23.5mm*H:27mm*L:8.2'/98" make it suitable for tight spaces, while the 8.2 feet or 98 inches length provides ample room for securely housing various objects. The interior space measures inner W:19mm, accommodating objects of various sizes. This versatile mount is ideal for professional and home use, enhancing the aesthetic of any surface it is mounted on. Overall, it offers a reliable and space-efficient solution for securely integrating objects into surfaces.
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