Surface Mount- W:6mm*H:10mm*L:10’/120″, InnerW:4mm

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  • The compact size of our Surface Mount component (6mm width, 10mm height) allows for easy integration into electronic devices or circuit boards, optimizing space without sacrificing functionality.
  • With an inner width of 4mm, our Surface Mount ensures secure and stable connections within your assembly, providing reliable performance for your electronic projects.
  • Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, our Surface Mount is suitable for various applications, making it a versatile choice for both smallscale projects and complex electronic systems.
  • The precise dimensions and highquality construction of our Surface Mount contribute to its durability, ensuring longlasting performance in demanding environments.
  • Choose our Surface Mount for efficient installation and reliable functionality, meeting the needs of your electronic assembly while saving valuable space.

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We have a compact Surface Mount component with dimensions 6mm x 10mm x 120 inches. It is designed for efficient installation and offers secure connections with its 4mm inner width. This Surface Mount is reliable, durable, and suitable for various applications.
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