PAR36 Bulb, 5W, 3000K, 30 degree beam, 10-30V AC/DC, IP65, equivalent to 50W

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  • The 5W PAR36 LED bulb is specifically designed for outdoor use, providing energyefficient lighting that enhances the ambience of any outdoor space.
  • With a color temperature of 3000K, this bulb emits a warm white light that creates a welcoming atmosphere in gardens, pathways, and landscapes.
  • The focused beam angle of 30 degrees ensures precise lighting, allowing you to highlight specific areas or objects in your outdoor space.
  • Built with an IP65 rating, this bulb is resistant to dust and water splashes, making it suitable for all weather conditions and ensuring longlasting performance.
  • Operating on a range of 1030V AC/DC, this bulb offers flexibility and compatibility with various electrical systems, while consuming only 5W of energy, significantly reducing electricity costs compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

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The 5W PAR36 LED bulb is an energy-efficient outdoor bulb with a warm white light (3000K) and a focused beam angle of 30 degrees. It is resistant to dust and water splashes (IP65 rating). It operates on a range of 10-30V AC/DC and consumes only 5W of energy. It is equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb in brightness and quality while being cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Overall, it is a durable and efficient option for outdoor lighting needs.
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Voltage12V - 24VDC