11″ LED Swiming pool light, AC12V, RGB w/ remote, IP68, 25W, Dia.295*70mm, 2500lm, ABS with 15m cable, 30-50cm distance below the water line, 3 year warranty, CE ROHS, needs AC12V transformer


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  • Upgrade your swimming pool lighting with our stateoftheart 11″ LED Swimming Pool Light, featuring unrivaled RGB colorchanging capability and a powerful 25W capacity.
  • Crafted with utmost precision, our pool light is built to withstand the harshest environments, boasting an impressive IP68 rating and durable ABS construction.
  • With an astonishingly bright 2500lm output, our pool light effortlessly illuminates every corner of your pool, creating a mesmerizing ambiance that will leave everyone in awe.
  • Installation is made simple and hasslefree with the provided 15m cable, allowing you to position the light exactly where desired for optimal effect.
  • Rest easy with our 3year warranty and CE and ROHS certifications, ensuring the highquality and compliance of our LED Swimming Pool Light.

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Upgrade your swimming pool lighting with our 11" LED Swimming Pool Light. It offers RGB color-changing capability and comes with a remote control for easy control. The light is built to withstand harsh environments with its IP68 rating and durable ABS construction. It emits a bright 2500lm light and comes with a 15m cable for easy installation. We offer a 3-year warranty and the light has CE and ROHS certifications. Please note that an AC12V transformer is required.
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