Outdoor LED Wall Sconce, 108x300mm, Black/Bronze, 5000K, 2×9 watts

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  • The 9x2W Outdoor LED Wall Sconce in black/bronze finish is a versatile choice for various outdoor applications, measuring at 108x300mm.
  • The crisp and invigorating 5000K color temperature of this LED wall sconce creates an elegant ambiance while ensuring optimal visibility.
  • The durable construction of the Outdoor LED Wall Sconce allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions, guaranteeing longlasting performance.
  • With hasslefree installation and energyefficient LED technology, this sconce offers both convenience and cost savings in terms of reduced energy consumption.
  • Trust in the reliability and superior illumination provided by our Outdoor LED Wall Sconce, as it adds sophistication to your outdoor decor while enhancing safety.

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Introducing our 9x2W Outdoor LED Wall Sconce in a black/bronze finish. It measures at 108x300mm, making it versatile for various outdoor applications. The sconce has a 5000K color temperature and two 9W bulbs, providing abundant light for both aesthetics and safety. It is built to withstand the elements and has a sleek design that seamlessly fits any architectural style. Easy to install and energy-efficient, it offers both environmental benefits and reduced energy costs. Trust in its reliability and superior illumination for your outdoor spaces.
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