Outdoor LED Wall Sconce, 80x65x142mm, Silver, 2x3Watts, 5000K

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  • The 2W Outdoor LED Wall Sconce in silver offers a compact and spacesaving lighting solution for illuminating outdoor areas, with dimensions of 80x65x142mm.
  • With two energyefficient 3W LED bulbs, this wall sconce provides a powerful lighting performance and a total output of 2W, ensuring excellent visibility with a crisp and bright 5000K light temperature.
  • Constructed with highquality materials, this outdoor LED wall sconce is durable and built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longlasting functionality. Its silver finish adds a touch of sophistication that seamlessly integrates with any outdoor decor.
  • Hasslefree installation allows for easy mounting on any suitable surface, making it ideal for brightening up patios, pathways, or exterior walls.
  • The exceptional performance, compact design, and stylish appearance of the 2W Outdoor LED Wall Sconce make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications in enhancing outdoor spaces.

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The 2W Outdoor LED Wall Sconce in silver is a sleek and stylish lighting fixture specifically designed for outdoor use. It has dimensions of 80x65x142mm, making it compact and space-saving. The sconce uses two energy-efficient 3W LED bulbs, providing a total output of 2W. The light temperature is 5000K, ensuring visibility and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of surroundings. The sconce is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. Its silver finish adds sophistication and seamlessly integrates with any outdoor decor. Installation is hassle-free, and it can be mounted on any suitable surface. This sconce is suitable for illuminating patios, pathways, and exterior walls. It is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.
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