Outdoor Aluminium LED Bollard, Black, Dim: 108x800mm, E27 without light source

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  • The Outdoor Aluminium LED Bollard is a highquality lighting fixture designed to enhance and illuminate outdoor spaces with its sleek black finish and modern design.
  • Measuring at 108x800mm, this bollard is the perfect size for gardens, driveways, pathways, or any outdoor area that requires reliable and stylish lighting, ensuring optimal visibility and safety during nighttime.
  • The bollard is equipped with an E27 socket, allowing for easy installation of your preferred light source, giving you the flexibility to choose the brightness and color temperature that suits your needs.
  • Crafted from durable aluminium, this LED bollard is built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longlasting performance and minimal maintenance.
  • Trust in the Outdoor Aluminium LED Bollard’s reliability, stylish design, compact dimensions, and compatibility with E27 light sources to enhance the beauty and safety of your outdoor areas.

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The Outdoor Aluminium LED Bollard is a high-quality lighting fixture that enhances and illuminates outdoor spaces. It has a sleek black finish and modern design. Measuring at 108x800mm, it is perfect for gardens, driveways, and pathways. The bollard offers a compact yet powerful lighting solution, ensuring visibility and safety at night. It has an E27 socket for easy installation of preferred light sources, allowing flexibility in brightness and color temperature. Made from durable aluminium, this bollard can withstand various weather conditions. Overall, it is a reliable, stylish, and versatile lighting option for any outdoor area.
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